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FLOWBUS Actuators

Flowbus Corporation was founded with the aim of manufacturing reliable heavy-duty valve actuators and providing innovative valve automation packages to the global energy and process industries.

AFP is an authorized stocking distributor of Flowbus actuators for the United States and Mexico. In our Houston location, we stock Flowbus actuators capable of automating quarter turn valves from ½” to 24”.

Flowbus Products include:

EPT Series

The EPT is a Heavy-duty pneumatic actuator, with Scotch Yoke device for quarter turn valves. The applied torque can be symmetrical or slightly inclined to deliver more torque at closing. Meets SIL 3 and SIL 4 according to the classification IEC 61508/61511. Equipped with external threaded bars for safety.

Torque range from 398 Nm to 800,000 Nm.


EPA Series

It is a compact pneumatic actuator for severe service to be used in quarter turn valves. As in the previous series has a Scotch Yoke mechanism of high torque and minimum maintenance. The spring housing has a design that prevents any accidental release of it, making it safe to install and maintain.

Torque range from 36 Nm to 6957 Nm.


EPR Series

These actuators are compact in design and are available in rack & pinion (EPR) and in Scotch Yoke (EPRY) versions. The EPR has an anodized aluminum body and the possibility of various coatings including PTFE. Handles torques from 2 to 5877 Nm. The EPR is ideal for process areas with limited space.


Electro Hydraulics Series

Electric actuator with hydraulic fail safe support. It consists of a self-contained unit, powered by electricity, which activates a pump that delivers oil pressure to a cylinder in the same unit, providing backup in case of power failure.

It is the best fail safe solution to have in areas where there is no instrument air supply. Power options can be from three-phase 480 VAC to 24 VDC.



EHT Series

The EHT actuator is designed to be flexible and to meet the ever-changing requirements of today’s applications. The modular design is easily field converted from spring return to double acting without the need of special tools or equipment.


Other Products by Flowbus:


  • Quick Operating Actuators
  • Linear Actuators
  • Partial Stroke Devices
  • Manual Overrides
  • Fire Protection Systems